8 Reasons Why We Need Human Touch More Than Ever Even in a digital age, we crave real human contact. Here’s why. Physical contact distinguishes humans from other animals. From
There was an article in my medical journal that struck home this morning. So sad to hear about chronic loneliness. Come and see if the Ducks are your people. Reach
The Ducks are alive and well in the Orlando area! Gina (aka Spana Kopetah) is the big Kahuna down in Florida! Send her a note and say Hi!! Feeling
Not fade away: Older Canadians are having more sex than ever Joanne Laucius Updated: January 7, 2019 When Don and Karen met 20 years ago in their mid-40s, they never
We had a wonderful opportunity to visit Book Desire Riviera Maya Pearl Resort, in Puerto Morelos last week. From the short (25 minute) professionally handled commute (from Cancun airport) to
Newsletter! What a celebration of summer! Home The Vikings came out in droves at Saturday’s summer solstice party. Despite the rain (and the mosquitoes) we had fun in the tent,
There is a great article about the six areas of sex research that is coming up lately. In one the question was asked: Which comes first—desire or arousal? . Research: It should be a blast!
April events are coming! We hope you had a great St. Patrick’s day celebration and are recovering nicely from all the green beer you may have downed. We are chilling