Book your vacation time! Duckling Travel is heading back to Secrets March 29-Apr 4, 2019!

The Ducklings in Orlando March 29-April 4th 2019

It’s the 2nd big Duckling travel adventure! We are planning a group trip to the clothing optional Secrets Hideaway Resort near Disney in Kissimmee just outside of Orlando. This is not your parents Disney vacation. It’s about fun, sexy pool parties, chasing gators, dancing naked, sunshine, drinks by the pool, volleyball, beach trips, airboat and 20’s dinner show, hot tubs, games with other Ducks, a walkabout, and BBQ’s among so much more.

Have a look at the 360 tour of the Secrets resort ( and choose your hotel room (either modest or newly renovated with a variety of interesting additions). Check out the video looking at our day trip to Florida’s largest naturist resort at Cypress Cove ( just down the road. That’s two big resorts and you can wear (or not wear) anything you desire.

The trip includes an optional airboat ride to see the gators in their natural environment. Lake Toho is the headwaters of the Everglades should give you lots of PG pictures to show people at home.

And throughout all this we will be based at the Secrets resort with a full disco, lounging areas, hot tubs, pool, tiki bar, playrooms, and eating area. It’s a 5 duck resort. Please note that it is not a Duckling takeover (unless 200 people sign up) therefore there will be locals and other guests partying with us. We will set up Duckling outdoor areas and indoor rooms and fellow Ducks (as usual) will be well labelled 😊

If you need a getaway with guaranteed warmth and sunshine after a long winter to laugh, sing, dance, drink, sun and play with your Duckling friends then consider booking off March 29-April 4. If you don’t have the holidays we can get you back after an amazing fun-filled four days but encourage you to stay the week.
You can also fly down for the weekend for 1/2 price if you don’t have the vacation time. Read all about it!

We will have a box of first aid, other stuff that might be required and there are stores nearby. Theme clothes are encouraged but not required. It’s a 3 part system to book. Sorry for the confusion but the travel part is crazy. Some Ducks have points, some want to drive etc. So we have chunked the trip into 3 parts. We can help if needed. 6 nights and 7 days in the sun!

Step One
1. Pay your $800 CDND here to cover activities, ground transportation, most of the food, insurance, Duckling extras etc. $800 For single travelers $1600 per couple

Payment Options

1) PayPal – Single Traveler – $800

If you want to come down for the 3 days (Friday to Monday) then the cost is $350. Send an etransfer to Blaik now at

Send us a note if you want to come. We can help you with the rest of the bookings.


2)  eTransfer: Send to Blaik at

Step Two
2. Call Secrets. (844) 563-6969 Debbie or the front desk staff and give them your credit card. They can reserve either an upgraded or vintage room. Prices ALL IN including Florida hospitality and sales tax of $ 445 plus tax USD total for 6 nights with a regular (or as Barbie calls it “a vintage room”) or $703.70 plus tax USD total for 6 nights in one of the luxury upgraded suites. You can have a look at the different rooms on the Secrets site. These are per room. If you are single you are welcome to share a room with another single Duck. No guarantees, but we can work to put people together.
Step Three
3. Book your transportation.  

We are posting links on our website for flights.

There is also Allegiant Airlines out of Ogdensburg (an hour south of Ottawa)for $80 one way and $89 the other way. You can only pack a big backpack for that price but towels, toiletries, and extras are all provided. Bunk up to save more. You can’t go to Toronto for that. Weather averages 28-30 degrees a day in late March. All the admissions, food and some drinks are included in the package.

Affordable and the BEST VACATION EVER!

Hear all the details from the Secrets owners at the Meet & Greet this Friday at 7 at Lorenzo’s 911 Richmond Road.

Start planning now! If you have any questions we have a few Duckling references/ambassadors who will tell you about last year’s trip. We are finalizing the itinerary. We reserve the right to make changes but it will be up by January 1st.
Friday March 29 to Thursday April 4.
Secrets provides all breakfasts. Late night omelette bar as well as optional dinners every night.

March 29 -Arrive in Florida and airport pickup. Alcohol and snack shopping, & settle in. Picnic by Big John’s in downtown Kissimmee with ice cream stop. Games by the lake, gator watching, ultimate and suntanning. Back to Secrets for the evening party. Dinner is served at Secrets.

Saturday March 30th – Airboat rides at boggy creek. Lunch at Boggy Creek. Back at Secrets for the happening beach party. Dinner is served at Secrets.

Sunday March 31st – Optional Shopping excursion. Or sleep in after a late Saturday night. Lunch picnic in the hospitality suite. 6pm pool party at Jo & Doug’s party palace with a Red neck theme.

Monday April 1st – Cypress Cove day Box lunches by the lake. Canoeing, paddle boating, stand-up surf board on the lake Tuesday April 2nd. Madame Toussauds and Aquarium on I drive Open lunch on International Drive. Capones dinner theatre on the strip in Orlando.

Tuesday April 2nd – Paintball adventure! Get your frustrations out shooting each other up and lunch on the boardwalk.

Wednesday April 3rd – Last day party at Secrets with the local Ducks coming for a meet and greet, and lingerie fashion show. Mixology (we will have an open bar) and games by the pool, a chance to have activities with local Orlando Ducklings. Thursday April 4th Pour you on a plane for the return trip to Ottawa.

Thursday April 4th – trip to the airport!

Duckling travel adventure is headed to Florida in a few weeks! Come have the time of your life and travel with the coolest group in town. Details on the site but it’s touted as the best vacation ever by everyone who participated last year. For those of you wanting details about the hotel rates in Florida, here they are! There are still $80 flights out of Ogdensburg to be had.

Hey everyone!
It’s getting real!!!! We just had a phone meeting with Secrets and are working on the last of the details. Many of you have not booked your rooms as yet. Can you please call Jessica or Allison on the front desk and give them your credit card to reserve your room? The number is 844.563.6969

Here are the costs for a Vintage room in US
Friday night $100
Saturday night $110
Sunday night $55
Monday night is FREE
Tuesday night is FREE
Wednesday night is FREE

Still working on the Thursday’s price for anyone staying later (or coming earlier). It will be no more than $55. There is also a $30 resort/membership fee a day that they charge for facility use.

The upgraded, newly renovated condos are double those rates. They sell out most weekend and we need to firm up rooms. It’s going to be a blast!

Save the date! The Duckling Xmas party! Dig up those elf costumes and get funky!

Put it in your calendars now! It’s not the boring “rubber chicken” office Christmas party. The Duckling Christmas gathering will have loads of zaniness, community, food, naughty Santa’s, and all round FUN! Great dancing with Rod our Duckling DJ (he’s fantastic! ask anyone who was at Halloween). We booked the space in January so to make sure everyone holds the date.

We are going to take over Obsession with JUST DUCKS (don’t be nervous it has great bathrooms, elegant renovations, lots of parking etc). We will be looking for elves to help out. Super safe as it is ONLY DUCKLINGS in attendance. We have bouncers to walk women to their cars, prizes, snacks, fun ice breakers and a chance to bust a move and let loose before your relatives all descend for the Christmas holidays. Expect to have too-much-fun. We will have a demonstration of rope self-suspension (super bendy people!) using red and green ropes, a body on fire demonstration (there will be extinguishers!) and a tantalizing Santa Claus.

We will be raising money for the Duckling charity that impacts our community of local people in need. Ducklings like to give back and there are some people and groups that mean something to us. We have donations of stuff (and could use more) for the silent auction.

This is a 5 duck rating but we promise it will be safe! Tickets are $30 per person.

Single ticket

Couples ticket $60

Save the Date! Duckling epic 4th annual Halloween party! Don’t miss this one!

This is going to be our best attended and coolest event of the year! We booked it in January to guarantee that we could rent the venue. THERE ARE ONLY GOING TO BE DUCKLINGS PRESENT. We rented the whole bar and it IS NOT open to the public. If you aren’t a Duckling member you can’t come. Go to the website to join or pay your membership fee for the year. (

If you go to one Halloween party this year make sure it is this one!

Sexy costumes, great friends, fun ice breaking events, spin the bottle, laughs, sparkly tattoos (for strategic places), erotic group ghost story, snacks, decorations, fantastic music (we will be having our own Duckling DJ so you can pre-request the music you will hear) and a chance to be warmly included.

It will be safe, fun, and we will be able to accommodate any Duckling member that wants to attend. It is confirmed as Friday November 2nd, 2018 from 8pm to 1 am! Last year’s party was epic (feel free to look at the pictures and ask anyone in attendance). We have been talking about it a year later. We love Halloween and Ducklings love to dress up! It’s a great space, clean and it will only be us in attendance so don’t be scared. This is not your parents Halloween party bobbing for apples. But it will be fun, safe, sexy, happy, creative, inclusive, open, bouncy, and affordable. Come join us.

You can pay at the door but we expect in excess of 150 people to be there and would really appreciate it if you could either etransfer Blaik at or pay through the website in advance ( It will streamline things at the door. $30 per person.

Prizes, snacks as the evening goes on, great decorations and a safe, fun, sassy, hilarious costume party with the friendliest group of people in the city. You still have time to get your costume! See you there!

Halloween single $30

Halloween couple $60

Rocky Horror party in a real-life haunted mansion! This one will be epic!

We found a new venue. It’s a turn-of-the-century haunted mansion in Almonte. This house has been the setting for over 25 horror movies (including one being filmed this month), and was the site of a real murder. And they are letting us borrow it to have a Duckling party for the ages.

Dig up your Frankenfurter outfits (this means you Todd), rev up those motorcycles, find some gold lame shorts and come to a Rocky Horror/goth party. We can act out the Bread and Janet scenes, have Rocky Horror inspired food, do inappropriate games, Time Warp, and take a haunted walk on the 22 acre property. You can pretend to have a flat tire and look for a light in the woods. Transvestites of all ilks are welcome. It’s not until September but don’t make other plans for Sept. 29th. Everyone is going to want to come to this one. The house is unbelievable. This is a 3++ (meaning how sexy can you dress without being naked?) and is a BYOB and potluck. $30 Members only.

Single admission

Couple admission $60

CANCELLED: It’s the first annual Duckling toga and foam party! With burlesque performers!


NOTE:  We’ve had to cancel due to last night’s weather.  We’ll be refunding or crediting everyone who has paid in advance. 

It’s a toga party! It’s a foam party! Swimming, pool volleyball, eating grapes, Roman lounge centre, backyard games in sandals, more food, backyard pool of foam (and lots of cans of shaving and whipped cream), Animal House food fight, and mugs of mead! Bring out your inner Caligula.

It’s BYOB and please bring something to share for the food table (no shellfish please). And your own towel.
We’ve got burlesque performers, and a bunch of toga inspired games. Break out the laurel leaves and come join us. It’s a 4 rating. Friendly nudity is welcome with permission.

It is done, with humour, grace, integrity and sensuality. It also means that you do not under any circumstances have to get naked if you don’t want to. Be aware that there will be other people who are mooning you (like in any gym locker room) but it has never been over 50% of the people in attendance who are naked and you will not be pressured in any way. It’s clothing optional and we mean it. People are kicked out of the group if we ever get wind of any strong suggestions to get naked. All the Europeans in the group think that this is just the way normal swimming pool and spas happen where they come are from. For some people it’s outside of their comfort zone. We honour that completely and will promise safety and respect.

The space is perfectly set up for it. The shower room alone holds eight. The community is fun, sassy, sexy, happy and very inclusive. As Blaik says, “we aren’t for everyone, but for those who like us, they really like us”. A friendly group trying not to turn into our parents is how we describe being a Duck. Don’t be scared, Ducklings are the nicest people and will welcome you warmly.

There will be tickets at the door.

$30 Get your tickets here. Th
Bring a towel something to share and your smile.

$30 single admission

$60 couple admission

Sword fighting training with female warrior instructors and what’s new in sex toys show and tell!

Yes that really is AquaMan. Along with Beth and our instructors for Shield Warrior training!

Come and try out axe/knife fighting and the sword/shield fighting along with a comedian icebreaker, and dancing. Laughs, hot women with swords telling you what to do, a chance to playact every BraveHeart fantasy you’ve ever had.

We will gather, have a quick set with a great female comedian, and then start wielding swords and axes. Well, at least wooden ones. These are professional sword trainers and it should be a great time. Cold drinks are provided and it will give us a chance to gather an laugh. Where else do you get to launch into an attach with quasi-sharp objects?
It’s at Collabspace (home of the erotic art show last year Merivale and Hunt Club area).

Come on out and have fun with us. This is a 2/3 Duck rating and everyone is welcome. Invite your friends. Although book early as we have maximum numbers we can accommodate. Sign up now on the site. Fun!

Single $30

Couple $60

Nude on Elgin! Clothing optional comedy and fun pool tournament!

Bare-assed and giggling!!!

You know how you are suppose to picture the audience naked? Well in this case some of the audience will actually be naked. As well as a few of the comics. As Blaik says it will guarantee some applause for the comic in question.

Come and drop the laundry (or not) and have a naked comedy night on Elgin Street. We have professional comedians from out of town doing a great performance – and we can do it naked if you so desire. Remember, life begins at the edge of your comfort zone.

Don’t be scared if you don’t want to disrobe. Expect about 50% nudity in the crowd and if you don’t want to disrobe you can wear whatever you would like. Nobody will pressure you in any way.

The show runs 4 to 6 pm. Then we head across the street to MacLaren’s to take over their private room and shoot some pool! We need to dress to cross the street and we are negotiating how private it can get at MacLaren’s. It a strict 4 duck only in designated areas and a 3 duck in other areas. Cost is $20 per person for the comedy and $14 for the pool tournament. You can come for one, the other or both. Sign up n advance at

Remember nudists see more of their friends. Or at least some of their friends. And you will have a fun story to tell everyone at the water cooler the next morning.
Cost is $20 for comedy and $14 for pool. You can also pay cash at the door

Buy both and guarantee your spot! $34

$34 single

Couple admission to pool and comedy $68

Martini’s and pool boys pool party!

We want to squeeze every last drop of summer by having another pool party to start the Labour Day weekend. Delay going to the cottage until Sunday morning and come to a martini and pool boy party. Turn in past the golf course and look for the people in orange vests helping with parking.

We are asking people to bring ingredients for their favourite martini’s. Enough for a small sampling. And we are looking for pool boys in very little to serve them on silver trays. Yup, it’s going to be good. And you should consider ubering there and back. Please let us know if you are in for the martini sampling. You don’t have to bring food if you are bringing drinks but we need to cap the alcohol as some of us need to pace ourselves. Expect other activities, an elegant martini party soundtrack and a chance to wear anything from cocktail gowns and bow ties, to loin cloths and Hawaiian shirts.

This is a 4+++++++ Duck event and you need to be a member to come. $30

Here is the definition of the 4++++ A 4++ is defined as an event where nudity is permitted (top to bottom) and consensual acts (EXCLUDING INTERCOURSE) are permitted in certain designated areas only. In the other areas the usual 4 rating still applies. A 4++ means we will be discreetly sensuous. And if you don’t want to see it, it will be well out of the generally traveled areas of most events. Be be clear a 4+++ is different as there is no dedicated beds or play spaces set up. No fluids in the pool or hot tubs. Be discreet, find a corner, and fool around. $30 single admission

$60 couple admission

This is a Duckling Travel adventure! Oasis Aqualounge for 30 Ducks and a night in a Cabbagetown mansion

*** We have almost sold out!

We are planning a trip to the Oasis Aqualounge this summer.We can only take 30 people and we are thinking the weekend of August 11-12.

The plan is to car pool it to Toronto (we have enough drivers at this point). We expect to stop for a munches and food and bathroom break in Belleville at the home of Micheline and Craig (5 minutes off the 401). We will then head on to Toronto to stay in this HUGE Cabbagetown Mansion that sleeps 20. Another 10 can bunk on air mattresses like a pile of puppies. 8 rooms, 6 bathrooms and it will be a big Duckling sleepover party. First come first get beds. The rest get comfy inflatable mattresses.

In the afternoon and evening on Saturday and we will hang out at the nearby Oasis Aqualounge.

We will make a group breakfast in the morning and then head back to Ottawa for Sunday evening. There is a Jay’s game that Sunday afternoon that some of the Ducks are taking in. We can help arrange transport in the cars that want to go to the game if you are interested. It will be a full and fun weekend.

We need to pay accommodations upfront so we are asking who might be in.$210 per person which includes transportation, room, food, and entrance into Oasis. As well as a ton of fun.

Save your spot for the crazy overnight trip to Toronto with 29 of your closest friends!


Non-Monogamy four week workshop starting July 30th, 2018


You can read definitions online of what swinging, or polyamory might be outlined as. But what do they really mean?
We have a new non-monogamy course starting later this month. It’s like being in the best class you have ever attended where everyone has read the book and participated. Read below for details.

The non-monogamous clients tend to be couples in long-term relationships who don’t want to split up but are desperate for more or different sexual experiences and partners. And there is no one-size fits all.

Examples of non-monogamy can be:
~Living with a third (or triad) and how do you deal with that?
~Two couples connecting with each other (quad)
~Heterosexual couple Bringing in an extra male (hot wife)
~Swing clubs where everything from gentle touching on the dance floor to full blown orgies (and everything in between) happens
~Polyamorous. Means to love more than one person. But can be someone who is married and has a girlfriend/boyfriend or more.
~Alternative relationships in all kinds of ways. Asexual while one partner has other sexual interactions, monogamous but in different cities.
~One relationship two dwellings. Or having their own dedicated space within a dwelling.
~Friend with benefits for an occasional hook up
~periodic hall passes.
~Group family or commune.

And so many more examples.
Trying to navigate it is hard. Consider joining us for a small group starting a few weeks from now. It’s the tool kit for managing non-monogamy without blowing your relationship up. It is great if you can join us in person but easy of you need to video in.

Monday July 30, Monday Aug 13th, Monday Aug 20th, Monday Aug 27th 7-9(ish) pm
81 Pooler Ave. Very limited enrollment. $400/couple, $200 individual.

1. Intros, purpose of workshop, specific models of non-monogamy, ways of finding one’s own voice.

2. Specifics of sharing, Jealousy (Swing, poly and other non-monogamous forms). Rules, what works, contracts etc. Non-Monogamy checklist. What is the wish lists and deal breakers

3. What do you need/want. How do you negotiate that? How do you ask for it and how do you find it? Sharing and tools for understanding boundaries.

4. Group discussion about finding potential partners. A chance to practice skills and role play in a safe way. Stories about successful (and not-so-successful) models of play.

An informal social has happened in the past with the group and will be organized later following the completion of the workshop.

Sign up single $200

Couple sign up $400