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April events are coming!

We hope you had a great St. Patrick’s day celebration and are recovering nicely from all the green beer you may have downed. We are chilling in the sunny south and between frolicking naked we are busy fleshing out the details for the 2017 Duckling calendar. We are heading back home in another week.

Maya and Robert, the winners of our Christmas charity basket joined us for a long weekend at our Florida cottage (Cypress Cove Florida’s most beautiful nudist resort). For those of you who are new Ducks, we raised $1500 at Christmas for worthy groups with charity baskets of activities donated by businesses and other Ducks. Now we are having fun doing the activities. We heard that Patrick and Cat’s dinner party purchase of Chef Sylvain’s services was a culinary masterpiece. Carine’s pole-dancing workshop was a huge hit and plans are made for other winners to do a wine tour in Prince Edward county, take in a Sens game and utilize a handy-duck-for-a-day to undertake a “honey-do list. And there was so much more!

For us it was a fantastic visit with Maya and Robert full of dancing, ice cream, chasing gators and lying by the pool. We are brainstorming about a group get away for next winter. Some place warm, inclusive and loads of fun. If you have any thoughts or want to volunteer to help organize a get-away next winter your input would be welcome.

Speaking of helping out, we need to formally recognize a few outstanding Ducklings who we couldn’t manage without. Stacey and Rosie have been given the cool titles and responsibilities of Duckling Food and Beverage Managers, and Amanda has chosen the kick-ass title of Chief Duckling Enthusiast. As we grow we are trying to get better organized and more inclusive. Hence the fancy titles.

We are starting our spring events with the School of Sex on Anal, Prostate, and general ass stimulation on April 2nd! We’ve invited the city’s most famous prostate massage expert (who says she is responsible for over 10,000 orgasms) to come and talk. As well, the top wax expert Mr. Bald and his model will be showing decorative hot wax pleasure techniques. That should be an eyeful. As we say about the School of sex series, “it is certainly not your parent’s sex ed class.” It’s taking place on Sunday April 2nd 2-4 pm at the Orange Hall 41 Rosemount Ave. Cost is $30 (receipts provided). Park across the street at the school and we will see you there!

Check below and on the websites for updates to the Duckling calendar. Our HUGE art show has been moved to late September (a few key artists needed more time) and we are now adding the Duckling games (think games like twister tournaments etc) along with a day of volleyball at a new venue for June instead. Stay involved as we have loads of fun things planned!
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We have added two meet and greets, and summer parties to the line up.

If you want to check your calendars and add some dates so you don’t double book we have a few events coming up. We are planning on having a couple of Meet and Greets this spring. The tentative dates are April 28 and June 28th. But we are working on another location. We didn’t hit our bar tab number at the Prescott in order to continue reserving the downstairs room. The Ducklings drank responsibly (and we applaud this) but that means a new venue is in the works.
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