Join the Ducklings

Ducklings are cool!  We think a community of like-minded friends for whom kindness matters is important.  Mean people suck.  You get to pick the activities (using our rating system) that work for you.

The "meet and greet" events and the 1 or 2 Duckling events are for you to get to know us. As a couple or a single woman you can come to any event. We do ask to meet the single men at a 2 or 3 rated event or  you can come 30 minutes before a 4 or 4+ event to have a discussion about rules.

Our meet and greets and other open events offer a fun environment (sometimes snacks!) and make everyone comfortable. And we always have ice breakers that don't single you out but allow you to meet people. It lets you connect with people before you come out to a little sassier event.

Membership is annual start/ends in September.  We offer a 30 day grace period but start enforcing the new membership in October.

$70 per person and $130 per couple (and you can define couple any way you would like).

Ducklings get some extra benefits beyond being able to come to our amazing events.

Mail a Cheque

Payable to: Sue McGarvie

Sue McGarvie, 81 Pooler Ave.,Ottawa, ON K2B 5A4.


At your first event.


Send to :

Individual Membership

$35 from May 2019 to September 2019

Couple Membership

$65 from May 2019 to September 30, 2019