Free stuff for being a Duck!

What a celebration of summer!


The Vikings came out in droves at Saturday’s summer solstice party. Despite the rain (and the mosquitoes) we had fun in the tent, inside the house in the pool, and hot tub, and had a great sing-a-long with the fabulous Rory Gardiner. The mead was on tap, the company was fun and supportive and be sad if you missed it.

Duckling-only deals on sexy things!

We had a great turnout at the Orgasms in O’town event last week. And we gathered a whole bunch of sponsors to give away free stuff and support our breast cancer fundraiser. All week we have had people ask for the contact information about the discounts the participating sponsors offered. While we are trying to commercialize the Ducklings in any way, we did score some deep discounts that we think add to the overall coolness of being a Duckling member It’s a just a perk if you are interested in taking advantage of the offers.

Zumio toy!
We gave away over 40 review Zumio’s in the last 6 months. Membership has it’s privileges and there are loads of happy Duckling women out there. They are advertised on Amazon as $175 US. While there are no more free ones at the moment, Joan from Zumio is giving us a Duckling discount as follows.

The code ZUMDUCK is for $100US. The coupon is in effect from the 1st of July to the 8th of July on theZumio website

New Home


Jade eggs for Vaginal Kung-fu
Kerry Lundy has a deal on the three jade eggs for $48. You can reach her at

The O-shot, Pshot and vaginal and other laser at Inovo MedicalThe Duckling discount at Inovo Medical (1328 Labrie) is 20% off of all laser and sexual well being treatments (Woman’s Shot, P-Shot, Vaginal Laser Therapy).

It would apply to all individual treatments and can’t be combined with other promotions or discounts.

$10 off burlesque classes with Dance with Alana


! Join Sue for the drop-in Tuesday night Tease at 8:30 if you want to wiggle with us.

From the Stag Shop! We gave the Ducklings an AMAZING! deal 20% off NO RESTRICTIONS!! this is such an amazing deal and all they have to say is I’m a DUCKLING!!

Rumble in the Jungle party on Sat. July 14th at the Nest!

It’s our new venue! A huge, private house on Cedarhill Road we are calling “The Nest” is the site of our next event on Saturday, July 14th at 3 pm. An outdoor pool party, potluck, BYOB, crafts, ice breakers, off-set deck for more private conversations, music, and a chance to do your best Tarzan and Jane imitation. Don’t miss our inaugural event!

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